The Brit Rider™ is designed and created specifically for horse lovers and equine-care professionals worldwide. This boot is made with rubber that is specially formulated to resist corrosive effects of barnyard contaminants. The Brit Rider™ has a durable, high abrasion solid rubber outsole and bonded watertight perimeter seams. The upper is triple reinforced in the toe area and quadruple reinforced in the heel area. Incredible comfort, feel and style. Available in Black, Men's sizes 5 - 14, and Women's sizes 6 - 15.

The Brit Middie™...The Brit Middie™ is a shoe designed and created specifically for walking or working in muddy or dirty conditions. Constructed with premium breathable Airmesh™ lining and protective self-insulating CR flex-foam bootie, the Brit Middie™ offers a comfort range of 85°F to sub-freezing temperatures. Available in Black/Black Men's Sizes 5-13, Women's Sizes 6-14 (Unisex)

The Tack Classic™...A 100% Waterproof Equine Boot.
You won’t find a better boot for cleaning stalls and tending animals. The Tack Classic™ is equipped with a crush-resistant toe and reinforcements at the instep and rear heel to provide needed protection when working around hoofed animals. All materials are completely resistant to barnyard contaminants. Hands-free on/off helps eliminate cross-contamination in the barn and home. Available in Black/Black, Hi and Mid-cut Men’s Size 4-13 Women’s Size 5-14 (Unisex)

The Hoser Classic...100% Waterproof and insulated.
You won’t find a better boot for taking care of the dirty work. The Hoser™ boot is 100% waterproof/insulated with a comfort range of sub-freezing to 70°F. The durable natural-rubber shell and CR-foam bootie provide maximum protection in cold, wet and muddy conditions. Enjoy the comfort and performance of the “original” Hoser™ Boot!The Daily...A 100% Waterproof Home and Garden Shoe.
A great waterproof shoe designed specifically for those dirty jobs around the home and garden. The Daily™ shoe is completely resistant to grass stains, home cleansers, fertilizers and barnyard muck. Features include slipper-soft comfort, easy-on/easy-off convenience, debris-free collar, and quick clean-up. Keep your feet clean, dry and protected with the Daily™ home and garden shoe! Green or Dark Brown, Women’s 5-14, Men’s 4-13 (Unisex

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